G T Special CTIS Air Valves

GT Special Air Valves for Various Wheel Applications.

This valve is for the aftermarket wheels with the 0.453" size
valve hole in order to preserve your CTIS system so it can
be used on wheels not designed specifically for the Hummer
or it's CTIS system.

If you are ordering a special constructions a CTIS System from
us for your Non- G T wheels, they will ship in the same package
with your kit and no additional shipping costs will be charged
for the valves. Just note in the Special Instructions section when
ordering your CTIS lines from us.

Valves only normally ship by USPS Flat Rate Small Box.

Part# HUM174404GG is for Aftermarket Wheels with 0.453"
Valve Hole, and for the Humvee 24 Bolt Unevenly Spaced Bolts
Steel Wheels.
Part# HUM174485 is our Adapter for a Standard Air Valve and
used for those that already have valves in their wheels and do
not want to demount their tires to install a new valve.


G T Special CTIS Air Valves
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